Resources for Moving Companies

Here are some great resources and networking opportunities for moving companies, or for those who are thinking about creating or growing their moving and/or storage company.

American Moving & Storage Association By far the biggest moving association in the US! If you are a legitimate moving company, you should consider becoming a member of this association just for the networking alone, but also for the tips, newsletter, industry updates, and occasional meet ups.

I AM This is my favorite moving association. They support a charitable cause, moving forward in the world. This is what I believe business should really be about! Helping others – through something as simple as moving their belongings from one place to another, to donating food and supplies via moving truck!

Movers Associations By State – These associations are much smaller than the two mentioned above, but they are great because you can really hone in on your local area, and become and essential figure in the community.

5 Tips for Moving Across the Country

It’s one thing to plan for a move across town, another to plan a move across the country. If you’re moving your family across multiple states, it can be daunting to know how to prepare. Even writing a list can be a tough task; after all, you’ve likely never move across country before. That’s where we come in. As experienced movers in the Denver area, we have helped hundreds of families successfully make the transition. Here are our top tips for moving across the country:

1. Stick With a Plan

Create a moving plan, and stick with it. Try to give yourself a few months to pack and to plan (2 months minimum). This will allow you to give away the things you don’t want, and sort through all your belongings.

2. Invest in Good Materials

Trying to scrounge boxes from your local liquor store might seem like a good way to save money, but you’ll hurt yourself in the long run. Whether it’s because you strained your back trying to lift boxes that fall apart when you move them, or because you have to replace some of your kitchen appliances after the box fell apart and your things got smashed during the move, investing in high quality moving boxes and packing material will be a lifesaver.

3. Consider Short-Term Housing

If you’r moving to a new area, a big stress can be finding the best place to live. You likely don’t know the area very well, and trying to do the research necessary for finding a home for your family can be too much. Consider short-term housing in these situations. That will give you some time to make a smart choice after you’ve already moved. You can stay in an area for a few months and then decide where you want to end up. If you choose this option, remember you’ll need to find storage for your belongings. Many moving companies provide this service.

4. Find a Good Mover

A good mover will make the entire cross-country moving experience much easier. The biggest stress of moving – the loading, transfer, and unloading of your belongings – will be taken care of by professionals with years of experience. Moving day will be a much different experience in the past if you choose a good mover. Read reviews from past clients to learn the track record of any given moving company

Here a couple of well-known trusted movers:

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5. Map it Out

If you’re going to be driving to your new home, map it all out. Most likely you are new to the area, and getting lost is the last thing you have time for. Know your route each step of the way, and prep for places to sleep along the way. Sticking with a plan and a route will go a long way with your family’s transition to a new home.

Contact an Experienced Mover for a Quote

The best thing you can do to make your family’s transition to a new home across country is to hire an expert moving company. You’ll be free of much of the stress and worry of the moving process, so you’ll be able to focus on your family’s mental health and well-being. Put your belongings in the hands of experts. Contact us for a quote today!